About us

Are Creative

Why do we do what we do?

After a year of occupying a storefront, I realized, as a business owner and artist,  how confining it was. So we decided to break out of the mold and become completely mobile. Yes, that’s correct, we come to you!

Why is this better?

Not only does this allow our company freedom and flexibility to do custom work but it also allows our customer the convenience of staying in their own home or workplace and we can bring everything needed to for a masterpiece. We can also host “Paint Parties” at your business or home, so not only can you eat, drink, and be merry but creative as well!

Where can you find us?

You wont find us at a storefront. Because Artist block is no joke and we would rather keep our creativity.  For now The Crafty Fox Box wares can be found in several local shops, in our store, on Etsy, and in many Pop Up Markets occurring every month in Central Virginia. Follow our facebook page to get updates.